Latvian Cyclists Show How Much Space Bikes Save

To celebrate International No Car Day (Sept. 22), some clever Latvian bicyclists from the Let’s Bike It organization dressed their bikes up as automobiles in Riga to show how much space people waste when they commute by car instead of by bike.

By hanging colorful car-sized frame from their bikes, they highlight just how absurd it is that a single individual should take up so much space during their commute.

Bicycles can reduce traffic congestion by saving space, but that’s not all they’re good for. They help the environment by reducing traffic emissions and producing none of their own, and they’re a great form of exercise for workers who might otherwise sit at their desk all day.








Someone Installs Windows 95 On His Samsung SmartWatch And It Works Better Than You Can Imagine

Corbin Davenport managed to install Windows 95 on his Samsung smartwatch

The device is not actually running Windows 95 as an operating system; rather, it is running a DOS emulator called aDosBox, which is then used to run Win95. ADosBox is available for Android devices for free.

Windows 95 is running pretty fast on the smartwatch – at least until it ran out of RAM, which happened after Davenport tried to open any app on the system.



The British Ambassador in Egypt, John Casson

What Did the British Ambassador in Egypt Say About Dahab, Egypt ?

John Casson loves ‪#‎Dahab‬ .. One of the best diving areas in the world ‪#‎support_tourism_in_Egypt‬ !!

More about Dahab

Dahab travel guide

Dahab Hotels, Apartments and Diving in the Red Sea


A Crazy Cycler Drew a Huge Bike By Cycling 300km Across Hampshire, England Using Strava App

David Taylor drew a huge bike by by cycling 300km across Hampshire, England using Strava App

Taylor carefully plotted out a route in the shape of the bike and then undertook the ride on September 20 that also took in 7,201 feet (2,195 metres) of climbing.


Disclaimer: I’m not sure if it’s true or a hoax but it’s funny though😀

10 Things A #Startup Founder Learned About Money While #Backpacking Around The World


 jason vitug bagan myanmar

“I realized I was living a childhood dream,” he says of that moment, near the beginning of his year-long, 21-country travel adventure. “And I started wondering why I was the only one there. “That epiphany became the first seed of his financial education website, Phroogal, which crowd sources high-quality answers to anyone’s burning financial questions in order to help them afford the lives they want to lead.

Vitug returned from his trip ready to help others have their own top-of-temple moments.
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