The death of the headphone jack, Do we really need this change??

Apple announcement of the death of the headphone jack by removing it from its latest #iPhone7, and introducing the #AirPods, the new wireless headphones took the internet by storm

A lot argued that this is a great breakthrough and a very needed change (Seriously, Who really likes a tangled headphones!) but aside from this issue and with all the respect to Apple’s creativity, I don’t really think this is a needed change, from a customer point of view.

We all agree that necessity is the mother of all inventions, so an invention without a need is useless.

The question is, do we really need a solution for the wired headphones problems? the answer is: hell yeah! but in order to do this do we need to make bigger problems? I think you guessed the answer: NO!

So introducing a wireless headphone is logical (which is not something new) but removing the headphone jack only because it is a 100 years old technology without providing a real replacement is something I cannot understand.

Some will say that the Lightning Connector is a way advanced technology and  it’s capable of sending more data at higher speeds between the headphones and iPhone.

So, What I see is that Apple saw a problem and invested a lot of time and money to fix another one that nobody have. To make myself clear let’s imaging the user experience before and after the huge change


iPhone  with the normal 3.5 mm headphone jack, and the wired EarPods


iPhone 6s


1- The EarPods wire get tangled from time to time. (but it takes 10 sec to fix it).


1- Listening to music normally while charging.

2- Infinite power (you don’t need to charge your headphone).

3- It’s not likely to lose one of your EarPods.

4-  You can use any other headphone (3.5 mm jack is a standard).


iPhone 7 with a single Lightning Connector port and the new wireless AirPods or EarPods with Lightning Connector


iPhone 7

New Problems

1- If you chose to use the wired EarPods with Lightning Connector, you have to make sure that you have enough charge because there is only a single port.

2- If you are using AirPods, you are limited with it’s battery life (5 hours).

3- It possible to lose one of the AirPods easily.

4- You have to carry many extra devices to perform a simple task (your life is becoming more complex), for example:

Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter: To be able use your old headphones.



Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Adapter to connect the headphone and the charger: in order to listen to music while charging.


AirPods charging case: the lifetime of the AirPods is 5 hours only, so you need to keep this handy because you will need it more often.


AirPods and Charging Case


So, to accept all these complications Apple has to provide some advantages that the user cannot live without, not the below for example

Benefits of the removal of the headphone jack:

1- Lightning Connector is capable of sending more data at higher speeds between the headphones and iPhone.

2- We can send information back to the iPhone, like biometric data, language translation data, and audio quality information.


Seriously?? as a user have you ever had a problem of not being able to send biometric data to your iPhone? What any user needs is to listen to some music in high quality and relax. Period.

Lets imagine this scenario, a traveler taking a very long 14 hours flight, she is killing the time by listening to music and some Audio books on her phone.

1- Using a phone with headphone jack 

the traveler spent like 5 hours using the phone, then she noticed that its running out of charge, so she plugged it to the power bank and continued listening to her music peacefully.

2- Using iPhone 7 

The traveler spent like 5 hours using her iPhone, she noticed that the AirPods are out of charge, also the iPhone is about to die so she searched for the AirPods charging case in her bag for about 5 min, then she plugged AirPods to it to charge (she has to wait for 15 min to get only 3 hours of charge) now she has to use the EarPods to listen to music, but she remembered that she can’t use it because there is only one Lightning Connector and she have to charge the phone, so she got the Dual Adapter which will allow her to listen to music while charging, but as a user she is not really bothered because she knows that she can send bio-metric date to her iPhone 7 using Lightning Connector.



As you can see, it’s all about the user and what she needs not what we think. What Apple provided is a great breakthrough, but instead of making our life easier, it has complicated it and fixed some problems that doesn’t exist and left the real problems unsolved.



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