Maud Botros, The Egyptian girl who did what most men are so scared to do.. Skydiving!

When you see her first time you will see an adorable and so feminine girl, you won’t suspect for a second that she has all this craziness inside.

I was introduced to Maud by a common friend when I was searching for a skydiving course, we had a chat and she told me that she is traveling to Morocco in few days for AFF Course (Accelerated Free Fall) we agreed to meet after she is back.


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Why I travel? My personal experience

Ok, at first I hesitated a lot before writing this, I didn’t want to write a generic blog post about how awesome traveling is like many other articles online, I wanted it to be very personal and wanted to share my own travel experience and how traveling changed my life. Continue reading

The death of the headphone jack, Do we really need this change??

Apple announcement of the death of the headphone jack by removing it from its latest #iPhone7, and introducing the #AirPods, the new wireless headphones took the internet by storm

A lot argued that this is a great breakthrough and a very needed change (Seriously, Who really likes a tangled headphones!) but aside from this issue and with all the respect to Apple’s creativity, I don’t really think this is a needed change, from a customer point of view.

We all agree that necessity is the mother of all inventions, so an invention without a need is useless.

The question is, do we really need a solution for the wired headphones problems? the answer is: hell yeah! but in order to do this do we need to make bigger problems? I think you guessed the answer: NO! Continue reading

A Crazy Cycler Drew a Huge Bike By Cycling 300km Across Hampshire, England Using Strava App

David Taylor drew a huge bike by by cycling 300km across Hampshire, England using Strava App

Taylor carefully plotted out a route in the shape of the bike and then undertook the ride on September 20 that also took in 7,201 feet (2,195 metres) of climbing.


Disclaimer: I’m not sure if it’s true or a hoax but it’s funny though 😀

10 Things A #Startup Founder Learned About Money While #Backpacking Around The World


 jason vitug bagan myanmar

“I realized I was living a childhood dream,” he says of that moment, near the beginning of his year-long, 21-country travel adventure. “And I started wondering why I was the only one there. “That epiphany became the first seed of his financial education website, Phroogal, which crowd sources high-quality answers to anyone’s burning financial questions in order to help them afford the lives they want to lead.

Vitug returned from his trip ready to help others have their own top-of-temple moments.
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